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We have the product knowledge and experience to help you select the best colours, paint types and finishes for your individual needs. We ensure even, consistent coats; trim detailing and overall customer satisfaction.

All our surfaces are prepared before applying premium quality paint products as well as thorough clean-ups after the job's completion.

We service the Greater Toronto Area, including Rosedale

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work with you every step of the way, from the initial colour consultation to the final clean up.

We use quality Benjamin Moore paints, stains and other surface coatings

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The Exterior Painting Process

Setting up and prepping an exterior that need painting:

  • Scraping and sanding of all loose and peeling paint down to a sound surface
  • Spot priming of all bare surfaces with sufficient primer
  • Wash or pressure wash chalky areas and mildew
  • Caulk windows and door frames with acrylic siliconized caulking
  • Glossy existing paint is sanded to help the new paint adhere better
  • Removal and masking of hardware to protect it from paint
  • Wood knots and "saps" are shellac primed to prevent them from coming through the finish coat
  • Rusted metal is spot-primed with rust primer


    Our painters apply one or two coats of the specified quality paint. The manufacturer's painting recommendations are followed. Care is again taken to protect adjacent areas from paint.


    The painters will clean the area relatively clean every day by removing paint chips and taking away garbage daily. Our work staging area is kept neat and organized.


    After we carefuly inspect the painted area, the customer checks the area with the project manager.

The Interior Painting Process

Setting up and prepping an interior that need painting:

    If possible, furniture or smaller items will be removed from the area. Furniture that remains in the area ( heavy or awkward pieces etc.) will be covered with plastic, or with clean interior drop cloths to protect them from dust or paint. Floors are protected with painters quality dropcloths. Separate dropcloths are used for interior painting. 
Hardware such as door knobs, electrical switch and outlet covers get removed or masked. Thermostats are protected with masking tape. Flaking paint is scraped and sanded. Holes and cracks are patched with interior grade spackle. Cracks in corners, baseboards and moldings are caulked with interior/exterior acrylic caulking if needed. All patched areas are sanded with fine grit sandpaper and spot-primed.


    Quality paint is applied carefully, by strictly following the manufacturer's recommendations. One, two or more coats are applied as necessary, with sufficient drying time in between coats. Throughout the interior painting process, sufficient ventilation is used.


    Masking tape and drop cloths are removed, floors are swept or vacuumed, and furniture and hardware is carefully placed back. All garbage, tools and equipment are removed at this point.


    After our painters carefuly inspect the painted area for any imperfections , the customer is invited to check the area with the project manager.